The Incredible Splendour of India

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world and the vast array of experiences on offer for visitors makes it one of the greatest travel destinations on offer today. A land of vast contrasts, India is huge in terms of both physical size and population while the wealth of its history and variety of landscapes and scenery is staggering. From mega-cities which embrace both India’s ancient history and burgeoning modernity, to historic towns reflecting the romance and chivalry of the past and the countless small villages throughout the country where life has changed little in centuries, India never ceases to amaze and enthral.

There is a saying in India ‘the guest is god’ and this is reflected in the open, friendly nature of people throughout the country. As a visitor to India you will be warmly welcomed and made to feel very special by everyone you meet.

Her extensive history is one of India’s most unique aspects with ancient traditions, a vast wealth of historic monuments and tantalizing glimpses of lost civilizations all competing for the attention of the visitor. From the legendary Taj Mahal, to the forts and palaces of Rajasthan and on to the mesmerising temples of southern India, history is everywhere throughout the country.

1.25 billion


3,287,263 km2

Total Area

New Delhi



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